Gilded Glass Double Showerhead Perc Beaker Bong Review
Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016

Today I’m reviewing something that at first look, screams I’m elegant! But once you get down to the nitty, this beauty is also a beast. I’m talking about the Gilded Glass Double Showerhead perc beaker bong. Being an oil man myself, this is the first flower rig I’ve reviewed in a while, and I have to say, she’s quite the looker. As you can see from the pictures, I received the 18 inch tall double perc version. You can get the same bong in a 14 inch tall single perc, or for those of you much taller with more lung capacity, the 22 inch tall triple perc.

The first thing I noticed when I freed this majestic steed from her bubble wrap prison, was the purple and gold accents. It screams royalty. I remember back to being in high school when they were teaching us about what colors evoke which feelings. Purple and gold. Prestige, prosperity, royalty, power, elegance, imagination. It’s all there when you stare down the barrel and make eye contact with a freshly packed bowl. Spark it up and blast one off.