Girl Scout Cookies: Strain Review Video | Marijuana
Tuesday, Apr 16, 2013

Join the smoke circle  with Gil as he reviews  some chronic “Girl Scout cookies,” provided by the Venice medical center, located in Culver City California.

When you see Gil get excited… And the first words uttered are“wow… Just so Kushy, really, really, kushy smell on this.”  You know two things for certain.

First, you realize you made a horrible career choice and now want Gil’s job…. Second – Dude is about to get high as a kite — and get paid.

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As Gil pours out his medicine bottle full of Girl Scout cookie buds, cascading onto a well-lit mirror. You can almost hear the anticipation of the first bong hit in his voice. As Gil describes the dark purple hue, with lime green undertones and chronic sticky trichomes… I’m reminded of the fact that I forgot to wake and bake this morning. So while you guys enjoy this video – I have some I’ve unattended business to take care of.