Gorilla Glue Strain Review

Friday, Oct 30, 2015

I have the bruce banner in michigan. The thumb to be exact. She isn’t as easy to find as most but definitely can get her! I have gorilla glue 4 also! Along with the real deal Ohio cut sensi dom pheno deathstar. One of my personal favorites! All 3 are fantastic. I have some other really nice strains too. Been gathering elites for a while now, sourcing the strongest cuts.


I have gorilla #4 out side grow . dont on if thay are short or bushey? Near to known whare to put them. Thanks


Does it make you hungry at all? I have no appetite and some strains don’t give me the munchies.


Evo from march 2016? How similar is glue and Death Star ?


I do not know. I never had death star .but my gg/4 think are gg/4&cookies .they have a cookies smell


Just tried!!!! Oh yeah!!! True new smokers and timers should take it VERY SlOw


July 21, 2016

As J above said…this is not an Indica. You have it listed as a cross between 2 Sativas, and basically every other site about weed calls it a “Sativa-dom hybrid”. Which really sucks since I bought some on your recommendation, and I CAN’T SMOKE SATIVAS! I also, as you know, can’t return weed. Thanks.

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