Growing Tips for Beginners: Indoor vs. Outdoor | Leafbuyer
Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014

Expert growers will argue for days over the absolute best way to grow a plant. While opinions vary greatly on these complex topics, there are some basic, universal growing tips for beginners that can be helpful to nearly everyone. Whether you’re looking to grow indoor or outdoor, check out this simple list for some of the requirements, pros, and cons of each. Hopefully, this helps you decide what is best for you!


You must recreate the growing environment indoors, which can be expensive at the startup. Depending on your grow system (soil/hydro, lights, nutrients, etc) you may be spending a good deal of cash setting up your indoor space. Must have a relatively large indoor space to grow. Electricity to run lights Money for maintenance costs, electricity, and cleaning costs.


Complete control over grow environment. This means that mother nature can’t ruin your plants with a freak storm. Many believe indoor growing produces higher quality flowers. While this is debated, newbie growers often have an easier time with indoor systems. Can have multiple crops per year (perpetual harvests) Discreet and easier to protect against theft Shorter grow time Potentially high maintenance and electricity costs. More maintenance and upkeep than an outdoor grow Must have good ventilation and a large indoor space


Any outdoor space that can be planted and is protected from thieves and animals. Convenient source of water nearby At least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight (the more the better) Relatively warm climate Easier to set up than an indoor grow Cheapest Startup costs Often produces larger yields than indoor crops, though harvest time is also longer Easiest and most natural method of growing Many feel that outdoor buds have improved flavor


At the mercy of the elements. Mother Nature could ruin your plants Longer harvest times than indoor growing Impractical in large cities with limited outdoor garden space