Have a Heart’s Best Cannabis Strains for Insomnia

Friday, Dec 28, 2018

Insomnia is a common and deceptively simple-sounding condition, but it can lead to some very complicated problems for those who experience it.

If you’re one of the estimated 60 million Americans who suffers from insomnia, there’s a decent chance you’ve tried every remedy in the book (and even some outside of it!) to try and get a decent night’s sleep. Many over-the-counter remedies fall short, either by failing to help get us to sleep, failing to keep us asleep, or by over-treating the symptoms, leaving us groggy and disoriented come the morning.

Fortunately, there’s hope to be found in one of the oldest known medications. That’s right: Cannabis has a medical history stretching back literally thousands of years, and to this day, insomnia is typically the #2 reason we turn to cannabis (right after relief of chronic pain, which it also excels at). It’s natural that you’d ask yourself what the best cannabis strains for insomnia are, so we thought we’d take a stab at providing you with some quality recommendations.

True OG: A heavy indica-dominant strain that helps calm a racing mind, plus imparting body-relaxing effects that help you stay asleep the whole night through Purple Punch: Another classic indica, products labeled “purple” often contain higher amounts of the terpene myrcene, a sleep aid in and of itself Kush: Look for any product labeled “kush”; chances are it’s going to be great at imparting a heavy, body-focused effect, knock out pain, and quiet any anxious thoughts Email*