Hemp and Clothing - Leaf Science

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018

The majority of my youth was spent outside in the playground that was rural Ireland. Trips to shopping malls were rare, as town outings were mainly confined to buying food. Apart from Christmas and special occasions there was no reason to buy new clothes. When my eldest brother outgrew his clothes they were passed onto the next brother, and the next, and so on. Our clothes were made from natural fibers for the most part, durable and mended when necessary.

Fast Fashion

The days of handing down clothes are completely gone. What is more common nowadays is two friends meeting on the street. The first friend adores something the other is wearing. The recipient of the praise denies its beauty while revealing its true origins and price. Both parties gasp in collective astonishment at how such beauty can come at such a low cost. High street fashion is now readily available for all budgets. The four seasons of fashion have multiplied using ‘pre’ and ‘post’ collections to sell more. Buy a coat today, return in a week and you will find your coat has already been replaced by the ‘latest style’.