Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD — What’s The Difference?

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018

If you look up CBD derived from hemp as opposed to CBD from cannabis on the internet, many websites will say there is no difference. Further, any references to a distinction between them simply allude to legality, meaning in many places hemp CBD is legal, but cannabis CBD is not.

For those who are new to the world of pot, cannabis and hemp are in the same family, but have uniquely different qualities and applications.

Cannabis Indica (marijuana) is the female plant that has many incredible benefits that come along with a spectacular high. Hemp, the male version of the plant, is used for many medical and nutritional applications as well. It’s also a sturdy material used for making clothing, textiles and many other products. Having said that, it has no psychotropic effects.

Perhaps the most prominent variance between the two CBD compounds specifically, are the levels of THC in both strains. It has been reported, that CBD derived from hemp has between 0.3 percent – 1.5 percent THC, which is simply not enough to get a human being high.