Hemp For Keto: Why Hemp Protein Is Perfect For The Keto Diet

Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018

If you’re doing the ketogenic diet, and you haven’t tried hemp for keto, you’re missing out.

The ketogenic diet became a hit by flipping the popular notion of fat being detrimental to health on its head. So, how does hemp protein play into all of this?

Understanding the food that you eat and learning how it affects your body is important. Food directly affects your mood, energy levels, and most importantly, your health. Many modern health issues can be traced back to an incorrect food source and unhealthy eating habits. And with the emergence of processed foods, eating healthy has never been harder.

That’s why something like the keto diet has become so popular. Keto is an eating pattern that focuses on the omission of carbohydrates and the increased consumption of fats through oils and nuts. It’s a diet that questions our typical food source, and challenges us to try a different energy source for our bodies. Hemp is a perfect way to support this low-carb diet. Below are foods & recipes to incorporate more hemp into your diet, and get you those all-important fats while minimizing the caloric and carbohydrate cost.

Morning Parfait Raw Tabouli Hemp Seed Salad CBD-Infused Blueberry and Oatmeal Smoothie Post Views: 5,651