Hemp Seed Nutrition | Cannabis Culture

Thursday, Dec 15, 1994

That was what the bird seed companies testified before the US Congress in 1937. Due to that testimonial sterilized hemp seeds were imported for use in commercial birdseed mix even though hemp itself was illegal. Hemp seed has remained a major component of commercial birdseed mix to this day. Most pet birds eat hemp seed before the other seeds it’s often mixed with. Pets need it to maintain healthy skin and feathers; and so do wild birds. (The lack of hemp seed may be one of the factors contributing to the decrease of the North American songbird population.) Hemp seed is also good food for people.

A hemp seed is a nutritious nugget. The hull contains magnesium-rich chlorophyll, a valuable source of nutrition for people. The protein in hemp seed is very similar to the protein in human blood. It is therefore easy to digest. This is good news for vegetarians who are allergic to soy protein.

Nut butter made from it tastes similar to sunflower seeds and rivals peanut butter nutritionally without the risk of toxic substances produced by the fungi which grow on peanuts.

2 tbsp sucanat (organic cane sugar) 1 tbsp water 1/2 cup brown rice syrup 1 cup hemp seeds 1/4 cup chopped cashew nuts Use a double boiler. In top pot mix first three ingredients until sucanat has dissolved Add brown rice syrup, seeds and nuts Mix well until seeds are coated with sweetener Pour into baking pan and press flat Refrigerate overnight Cut into squares before serving