Here’s why cannabis terpenes are so very important
Monday, Aug 12, 2019

For pot in particular, terpenes serve several purposes, acting as a natural defense system against pests, bacteria and UV rays, to name just a few potentially damaging environmental factors.

Terpenes are most often associated with marijuana, but the reach is far broader. Yes, they hold the key to why our senses of smell and taste can distinguish between different types of cannabis, but these versatile compounds also play a far more important role.

We’ll get to all of that a bit later, as we need to first understand what these terpene molecules are, and what their function is within the plant.

Why are cannabis terpenes so very important? CBDfx launches line of disposable, flavoured CBD vape pens with terpenes Terpenes can be found in almost all plant life, including fruits and vegetables, but they’re also present in some species of the animal kingdom, although that’s extremely rare.

For pot in particular, they serve several purposes simultaneously. They act as a natural defence system that guards the plant against pests, bacteria and pretty much all other invaders that try to cause it some harm. They’re also a primordial sunblock, so to speak, offering protection to the buds from the harmful UV rays of our benevolent sun.