Hiring a Budtender? Remember to Ask These 8 Questions - IndicaOnline

Friday, Nov 10, 2017

Dispensary employees are the backbone of your cannabis business and can ultimately determine its success. Hiring a responsible, service oriented budtender can be challenging but there are ways to weed out the good from the bad.

Trust is paramount when looking to bring new staff onboard and taking the time to perform a thorough interview will provide valuable insight into each applicant. Budtending involves so much more than just selling flower. As a dispensary owner you want to listen for specific keywords and practices during the hiring process.

We’ve compiled a list of some key questions to ask potential dispensary staff members in an interview setting. These will help determine their knowledge of the industry, customer service skills, and how they can benefit your cannabis business.

1. Do you have previous budtending experience?

Previous budtending experience means they have a good grasp on the daily operations of a dispensary and at least a basic knowledge of the products. Hopefully this will also imply that less training will be required to get them up to speed, saving business owners time and money.