How Canadian Cannabis Taxes will Affect Marijuana Dispensaries - IndicaOnline
Thursday, Sep 27, 2018

As the first day of legalized recreational marijuana in Canada approaches, cannabis businesses across the country are preparing for a boom in sales. While there will certainly be a lot of profit to gain, marijuana dispensaries will also have to keep track of the Canadian cannabis taxes. The federal government has agreed that 75% of the tax revenue generated from the cannabis industry will be returned to the provinces and territories.

Cannabis retailers will be subject to several taxes and much of this cost will be included in the prices for consumers. We’ve compiled a break down of the Canadian cannabis taxes and how they will affect private marijuana dispensaries.

Cannabis Excise Tax

Fortunately, the cannabis excise tax in Canada only applies to cultivators, producers and packagers of marijuana products. This is a federal tax that is paid once the products have been purchased by a private retailer, government retailer, or authorized distributor.