How Cannabis Helps Smart People Get Ahead In Life

I’m going to tell you the story of how Reginald Reefer got into the entire drug game. When I was thirteen, I smoked my first joint. I liked it from the get go.



Then, after about a year or two, I started experimenting with other drugs. Now I know some people will look at this and say, “SEE, cannabis is a Gateway drug!” However, I’d respond with…I drank alcohol before I smoked weed…so if anything is to blame for the progression of drug use…it’s definitely alcohol.



The fact of the matter, is that unlike the gateway theory suggests…I wasn’t looking for a “better high”, I was rather curious about the different affect drugs could have on me. If weed makes me feel like this, what would MDMA feel like? What about cocaine? What about LSD?



You see, for me it wasn’t about getting ‘higher’ because the ‘weed high’ wasn’t enough. It was more about the curiosity of exploring my options and understanding that ‘weed was nothing like the PSA claimed it would be”, so perhaps they were lying about the rest.