How different types of marijuana affect your orgasms
Friday, Jul 7, 2017

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that having sex while high is amazing. Women who’ve reported their experiences claim that their orgasms were longer, stronger and in some cases multiple. A less known but still-interesting fact is that different strains of cannabis affect your body and sexual performance in different ways.


While every person reacts differently to marijuana, experts believe that sativa strains are the best ones when it comes to having better sex, because they promote the contraction of muscles and provide an invigorating high that increases your blood flow. A good blood flow will keep important areas properly lubricated, and will also help in maintaining your level of excitement.

Indicas produce a reverse effect, making people more lethargic and paranoid — especially when consumed in large quantities. These strains still have their perks: some users prefer them over sativas and hybrids, because they help them achieve full-bodied and longer-lasting orgasms. Hybrid strains will also do an awesome job, as they’re more balanced and will make it harder for you to get too high to the point where it affects performance.