How Do You Buy Marijuana Seeds? | Cannabis Seeds | GreenState
Sunday, Nov 26, 2017

The first growing season of California legalization is upon us. Adults 21 and over in the Golden State and beyond are beginning to think about their 2017 gardening plans. All of that, of course, starts with seeds.

If you are wondering where to buy seeds, you have several options. One of the first things you will want to do is contact all of your toking friends to see how many of them have been keeping seeds since they started smoking. Then, ask your friends if you can have or buy some of their seeds. Just be warned: newer seeds have a much higher success rate for germination than decades-old bag seed.

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If you go the commercial route – the modern market offers viable seeds from hundreds of different familial lines of cannabis. In states that have legalized marijuana for adult use and/or medical use, seed sales are regulated differently. In places like California, for instance, you can buy seeds or plant starts at a local medical marijuana farmers market or a retail or medical dispensary. You can also get seeds at te many cannabis festivals in legalization and medical state, like the High Times Cannabis Cup June 6 in Santa Rosa, CA. Some states have regulated legal sales to licensed marijuana businesses only, with no sales of seeds to individuals. In states that have no legal adult use or medical laws, you are on your own. Check your local laws at