How Do You Smoke Weed?

Cannabis is a versatile plant for sure. We can change its presentation from plant matter to extracts, separate compounds and infuse foods with it.


Just as the cannabis plant is versatile, so are the ways you can smoke weed. Today I’ll be talking about the different ways to smoke weed, specifically focusing on the different presentations of weed.


Some Good Ol’ Bud!


We can’t go to the other ways of consumption until we have dealt with the most traditional way of smoking weed. Whether you’ve got a bong, a pipe, joint, blunt or vaporizer…good ol’ bud is definitely a solid option.


From the moment you get your baggy and open it up to fill your nostrils with terpene-charged flavors, to feeling the stickiness of the nugs break in your fingers. Smoking buds is an experience. The good thing with bud is that you can increase potency if you cure it, even if you got pseudo-shwaggy weed.


If you get a good grinder, you can collect kief and have emergency tokes on hand making bud a fantastic way to smoke weed.