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How does Marijuana work for Menopause?


How does Marijuana work for Menopause?



Any women close to her 50’s could tell you about the dreadful symptoms of perimenopause. The only benefit is not having the monthly menstrual cycle anymore, but that is where it stops. Not everyone struggles with hot flushes or mood changes. Some has a few symptoms, those are the lucky ones. Most have a combination of changes to deal with like: mood changes, Irregular periods, insomnia, hot flushes, decreased sex drive, dryness of vagina that leads to uncomfortable sex, weight gain, muscle tone loss, slower metabolism and urinary incontinence.



The Endocannabinoid system has a big role to play in Menopause. It has many functions but its primary function is to maintain perfect balance in the body. One of the functions is to regulate body temperature. It also helps to regulate mood, pain, sleep, metabolism and appetite and the reproductive system.



Before hormone replacement therapy was the first thing a doctor would  use, but lately it is less desirable as it is found to increase risks such as cancer, strokes, heart disease and blood clots.