How Long Does THC Stay In Your System When You Consume Marijuana?
Saturday, Dec 31, 2016

I was once counter-sued by a former business partner for my public opposition to mandatory marijuana drug testing by a prominent marijuana company. That’s a fact that I’m actually very proud of. The whole ordeal resulted in a positive resolution by the marijuana company, which with the help of activists, came up with an impairment based drug testing policy that didn’t arbitrarily require employees to turn over their urine or be not-hired/fired.

My public opposition led to me being counter-sued in court because it allegedly resulted in a lost advertising deal with the company at the time, but unlike the person that tried to take action against me in court, I don’t feel that any amount of money is worth compromising one of the most basic principles of the activism movement. Drug testing companies have always led the fight against reform, and siding is just something I can’t stomach. I couldn’t at the time, and can’t now. I will never support arbitrary drug testing in any industry, especially the marijuana industry.