How Long Does THC Stay in Your Urine?
Thursday, Dec 28, 2017

Many employers still consider smoking weed a form of intoxication, on par with alcohol. After all, in the eyes of the federal government, cannabis is still a schedule I drug offense. Just because the majority of people consider marijuana better for you than alcohol and cigarettes, it doesn’t mean your new employer feels the same.

When any new job offer, comes a new set of rigorous protocols. If you happen to work for a more-serious minded employer, that just might include an initial drug test. Worse yet, it could include random on-the-job drug testing.

Did you know that in 2014, America’s peed in over 9 million cups for an on the job drug test? Of those tests, less than four percent turned up any results at all. That equals roughly 350,000 positive tests, most of which were for weed with prescriptions and amphetamines as the runner-ups.

We have the Reagan era drug policies to blame for this continued practice of drug testing. In 1988, Ronald Reagan made it mandatory that all federal employees must submit to drug testing. Large national companies started to take note, and soon many companies across the country were following suit. It’s now common practice, with little evidence that it actually solves a problem.