How Long Does THC Stay In Your Urine?
Friday, Nov 10, 2017

Weed is the most popular federally illicit drug in the United States. And employers know it. Indeed, cannabis is the most commonly detected drug in workplace urine drug tests. Setting aside for a moment the totally legitimate criticisms of workplace drug screenings, and debates about the efficacy and accuracy of the tests and the generally humiliating, privacy-invading feel of the whole operation, let’s drill down into one simple question: how long does THC stay in your urine?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. So let’s simplify things by re-framing the question. Certainly, you’re not here for an academic treatise on cannabinoid metabolism.

More likely, you want to know how long THC stays in your urine because you’re up against a drug test.

So really, the question isn’t how long does THC stay in your urine? The real question is, when will the amount of THC in your urine drop below the threshold for testing positive?

To answer that all-important, make-or-break question, it’s crucial to understand why and how THC ends up in your urine in the first place and the variables that control how quickly your body eliminates it.

1-time use: clean in 5-8 days 2-4 times a week: 11-18 days 5-6 times a week: 33-48 days Daily use: 50-65 days, up to 77