How smoking weed together can benefit your relationship - Leaf Science
Friday, Sep 21, 2018

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They say the couple that smokes together stays together, and we believe it. Here’s some of the ways that smoking weed with your partner can change your relationship for the better.

Smoking cannabis gives you a greater sense of empathy, meaning you can relate to your partner on a higher level and understand their needs more than when you’re sober.

Empathy is one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship, and if you can’t respect your partner’s boundaries and needs, then don’t expect the relationship to last very long. The ability to value your partner’s experience and needs as much as your own is a vital element in maintaining a healthy romance. There was even a study conducted that showed couples who smoke together are less likely to perpetrate domestic violence against one another, and respect for your partners emotional and physical wellbeing is the pillar of a happy and healthy relationship.

Open Communication

Cannabis is known for its ability to loosen your lips, and when you smoke weed those social ‘walls’ that we build up around ourselves come down. While sometimes that ends up with you talking conspiracy theories for hours on end, it also helps to open up communication with a partner and makes talking about complex feelings that little bit easier.

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