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Also feel free to check out my main page about cannabis grow lights! This page talks just about HPS grow lights while the other page covers all grow lights.

High Pressure Sodium grow lights, or HPS grow lights, are the golden standard in growing cannabis. HPS lights can be used for the entire cannabis grow from seed to harvest (though some growers like to start with Metal Halide or florescent grow lights before the cannabis hits the flowering stage). HPS grow lights also seem to help growers produce the best cannabis yields. However, HPS lights use a lot of energy and produce a lot of heat. These issues can prevent a beginning grower from deciding to use HPS grow lights.

HPS grow lights produce a harsh yellow light. Read the Complete Guide on HPS Grow Lights!

HPS grow lights are extremely well suited for grow areas that have…

Cooler temperatures (since HPS lights will heat up an area) Good Ventilation / Strong Airflow More plants (more than 5 plants) At least 5-6 feet of vertical space (up-and-down room) for the plants to grow

HPS grow lights are not as well suited for grow areas that have…

Little ventilation or no way to get air in and out through a hole or window Limited vertical space(such as inside a cupboard). Learn about growing cannabis with CFL lights, which are suitable for small grow spaces.

Another consideration when using HPS lights for a grow area that has a natural temperature that is higher than 65 degrees(F) or 18.3 degrees(C), is that you will need to set up some sort of exhaust system to control heat. A simple exhaust system that consists of some tubing/ducting and an exhaust fan will do the trick most of the time. As long as you have a way to get air in and out of the grow area, you’re golden.

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