How To Choose Your Cannabis Business Lawyer | Canna Law Blog™
Monday, Jun 13, 2016

With our blog and our Facebook page (please check us out there!) constantly gaining readers, and as our own cannabis clients expand into states in which our law firm has no licensed lawyers, our cannabis lawyers regularly get asked who to hire as attorneys in various states. Just this week we were asked about Massachusetts, Louisiana, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Since we do not have lawyers licensed in any of these states, we have absolutely no dog in these hunts.

For our existing clients, we provide actual attorney names, usually consisting of those lawyers we know to be good from having been on the same side or the other side of a cannabis matter. But we are reluctant to name names for non-clients (for a whole host of reasons). So for those people, we usually very briefly give them a super-quick dose of advice on what the “right” cannabis law firm should look like. This post is intended to do the same thing: provide you with guidelines for choosing the right law firm for your cannabis business.

Employment law as it applies to the cannabis industry Litigation and arbitration, which too have their own cannabis components Tax, as it applies to the cannabis industry International law, customs and trade law (especially as it relates to making products in China and importing ancillary products from overseas)