How to Combine Cannabis and Prostate Play | Leafly
Friday, Sep 23, 2016

Although I can’t speak from personal experience, not having a prostate myself, I’ve been told over and over by people with prostates that prostate stimulation is highly pleasurable. Two of my colleagues, Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg, recently taught a class at the Stockroom in Los Angeles on prostate pleasure. Seeing the timing as nothing less than serendipitous, I emailed them for some suggestions.

Ken wrote back with some helpful tips for the prostate-curious:

Relax as much possible, psychologically and physically. If you are tense, your anus will be tense. I found massage, music, incense, and any indica (or a strong indica hybrid) excellent for this. The wetter the better. You can never use too much lube. Go slow. The entire process should take 20 to 30 minutes. Insert one knuckle at a time. Once you have, you can stimulate the penis. It’s ok to let it go flaccid in between inserting the finger deeper. When you’re aroused, your prostate is easier to find, so take your time. When you start stimulating the prostate, use as much pressure as you would as if you were pressing on your eye (don’t use too much pressure or it can hurt). Try topical sprays. Instead of using a topical with numbing chemicals, I would recommend a cannabis topical spray like Foria. It will relax the tense muscles you have without the loss of feeling. I have a number of issues with anal sex physically, and Foria was the only product I found that helped my anal tension. Numbing yourself is actually not advisable and may lead to an ‘oops poops’ if you don’t have total control. What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

If you’re looking for an indica or indica-dominant hybrid to try before your prostate sesh, I suggest Grape Ape and Skywalker, respectively. Ken mentioned that he hasn’t had a chance to try Foria’s Explore suppositories, so if you live in California, I would say that’s your best bet because it has CBD in addition to THC.

Sunny added, “Remember to breathe–both for the giver and the person receiving penetration! Holding your breath makes your muscles clench. Muscles are most relaxed on the exhale, so time your approach accordingly.”

Lube Recommendations for Your Next Cannabis-Fueled Sex Sesh Go slow Use lots of lube Don’t forget to breathe