How To Dry & Cure Cannabis
Thursday, Jul 27, 2017

Once you have harvested your cannabis (look here for our dedicated guide to harvesting cannabis), you need to dry it. It’s very simple to dry cannabis properly, but you need to be aware of certain fundamental requirements. Most importantly, that’s the temperature and humidity of your drying space.


If your space is too hot and dry, your cannabis could quickly end up crispy on the outside and wet on the inside. Too cool and humid, and your cannabis could end up with mold, which is even worse as it presents serious health risks!


To ensure that your cannabis dries evenly and thoroughly all the way through, you need to keep your temperature around 18-24C / 65-75F and your humidity between 40-60%.



It’s important to ventilate your space well throughout your drying period. If you don’t, any mold spores that are hanging around have a better chance to multiply and cause white, fluffy mold to start growing inside your bud.


Ventilation can also be a fundamental part of controlling temperature and humidity, as it carries away warm, moist air and replaces it with fresh air. When your bud is drying, it’s releasing water vapor into the air, so if you don’t ventilate properly then your humidity is going to rise! This can be a particular problem in small drying spaces such as tents and cupboards.