How to Grow A Healthy Weed Plant
Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015

If you want to start your cultivation career with a healthy weed plant it’s probably best to start from seed. Sure you can grab a small marijuana plant or clone from a friend. But along with possible time savings these weed plants typically come with consequences—uninvited guests like spiders mites, gnats or powder mildew. Unless you dip those suspect marijuana plants in something to kill bugs you’ll be starting off your garden with weed plants that could be infested and that’s not a good way to begin.

For best results start your first marijuana plant from seed

Starting a weed plant from seed is easy. All you really need is water. What’s cool is that cannabis seeds contain a complete mini marijuana plant inside them—including a root, stem and leaves. There’s also enough food inside each seed for each little weed plant to survive its beginning stages of life. It’s all in there, so you don’t need to add any nutrients.

The simplest way to start your new marijuana plant is to just drop that seed into clean room-temperature water. If you use tap water, let it sit out for a day to allow the chlorine to evaporate. Once the seed takes on enough water it’ll swell and split open. This usually takes only a day or two, however it could take up to seven. Once the seed opens out will emerge a small tap root. Don’t worry if it takes longer than seven days to happen. Your little cannabis plant won’t drown—in seed form, your marijuana plant can survive underwater for two weeks. If it hasn’t popped by then, toss it. We like to wait until the tap root is about a half inch long before we move on to the next stage. And since we’re looking for healthy marijuana plants here, we suggest using organic soil. Here’s a great organic soil recipe to get ya started on growing weed organically.

Want a healthy weed plant? Be careful when handling seedlings! Veg your weed plant for a month or more Hella Healthy Weed Plants