How to Grow Weed 101
Friday, Oct 2, 2015

Want to learn how to grow weed? Cool we’re here to teach you how to grow. One of the best resources available online, from learning how to start and grow a healthy weed plant, to how long it takes to grow weed, to all to the latest advanced techniques on how to grow weed. Including how to produce a pound per light, can be found in our cultivation section. We work with several published authors to answer everything from questions on how to grow weed to how to set up a closet grow room. Interested in growing weed? Like we said—our cultivation section covering how to grow is great. However this How to Grow Weed 101 class will help you get started on your weed growing path.

Learning how to grow weed isn’t hard. So don’t trip. It just takes practice and patience. Smoke a joint and you’ll have plenty of patience. The more you grow the more you’ll know too. Dive in, dude, experience is right around the corner. There’s a reason why stoners call it weed in the first place, man. That’s because marijuana is a really hearty plant. And like a weed marijuana grows easily just about anywhere. That’s great. But one of the fundamental things to understand about how to grow marijuana is that weed plants are flowering plants. That means weed plants bear fruit only once during a year. That’s why weed plants are harvested every fall as daylight diminishes.

Close up of a juicy ripe bud on weed plant This pot plant has a really nice root mass