How To Harvest Cannabis
Thursday, Jul 27, 2017

Cannabis flowers are ready to be harvested after several weeks of flowering. The exact time needed to flower cannabis depends on the strain. Cannabis strains bred from tropical sativa may need twelve weeks or more to flower, while indica strains need as little as seven weeks. Autoflowering cannabis, which originates in the cold northern latitudes, only needs nine or ten weeks to complete its entire life cycle, from planting the seed to harvesting the crop!


So how do you know when your cannabis is actually ready? Of course you can just go with what your seed bank tells you, and you’ll probably do OK – but it’s very simple to learn the right time to harvest cannabis just by taking a close look at the flowers.


One visual sign that your cannabis is ready is that the little hairs on the flowers change color, usually from white to a brownish-red. Depending on the strain, the hairs may also turn bright red, orange or even pink. Typically, once around 50%–80% of those hairs have changed, the plant is ready to cut down.

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