How to Hide Marijuana High | Cannabis Training University
Friday, Mar 30, 2018

If you are a recreational pot smoker, you indulge for one specific reason and that is to get that marijuana high, right? Yes, most people like you do it for that main reason. If you are not an avid weed smoker or even if you are, then at one time or the other, you may have had that marijuana high, which you just had to hide for whatever reason. It could be that your parents are going to drop by suddenly and because you did not expect them, you were chilling at your crib and smoking weed – with no care in the world, but getting that marijuana high.

The Smoker

If you have smoked pot for a longer time, it is possible that most people will be able to figure out that you have been smoking weed. However, if you are new to weed smoking, then you might be found out right away as you might not know how to hide it. If you have not done so, you may come across someone in the future that loves weed so much and always stoned. This, you will be able to figure out right away since it is so blatantly obvious.