How To Keep Synthetic Urine Warm So You Can Pass a Drug Test
Monday, Oct 17, 2016

Before we dive into how to keep urine warm for a drug test let us first say that drug testing sucks. It feels like such an invasion of privacy, doesn’t it? Why should some drug test decide the fate of a capable employee? And why should a drug test stand in the way of your future? If you’re facing a drug test have no fear, we’ve helped a ton of people pass ‘em by suggesting that they use synthetic urine. Check out our post, How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana, for tips and tricks on passing using fake pee and other recommendations like detox drinks or Jello. Also do yourself a favor and read the comments—you’ll find plenty of helpful information from people who have used our suggestions to pass a drug test.

Sure you could score some clean urine for drug test but it’s not all that common. Lot’s of people do lots of drugs. Plus more importantly it could get kind of embarrassing asking around for some clean pee. That’s why we always recommend using fake urine to pass a drug test. Sub-Solution has always been our preferred favorite but there are plenty of others out there including QuickFix that are all really good.

Wear two sets of droors and stash your fake urine in between them. Don’t worry—if you get your urine temperature correct you won’t get burned. Wear a belt under your clothes and attach your fake urine to it. Bonus? Some places make you pull down the pants and lift up the shirt, then let you go to the bathroom alone. So wear it right below your chest and above your navel. Some manufacturers make a special synthetic pee belt for this very reason. You can also tape a container of synthetic pee to your inner thigh. If you’re a woman you can stash the fake pee in your bra. We’ve even heard of women storing it up the vagina. Watch Pulp Fiction and then stash your fake pee where Christopher Walken hid that watch while in a Vietnamese prison camp.