How to Make 3 Refreshing Cannabis-Infused Virgin Cocktails - CULTURE | MERRY JANE

Ditch the booze, instead infuse.

First, we taught you how to make and elevate cocktails inspired by cannabis like the incredibly popular Liquid Marijuana shooter. Then, we gave you the 411 on cannabis-infused alcohol cocktail recipes by notable mixologists. Today, we’re exploring three delicious DIY beverages infused with cannabis that contain zero alcohol, courtesy of sensi-savants Camille Messina of Messina Bitters, Leather Storrs of Noble Rot, and Victoria Harris of DC Taste Buds. Created exclusively for MERRY JANE, these supreme cannabis-infused drinks are a fun alternative to anyone passing on booze in favor of sipping sweet sensimilla instead. Salut!

Who created it? Camille Messina, the founder of Messina Bitters, an artisanal handcrafted cannabis-infused tonic for health and celebration.

What does it taste like?"The tart citrusy flavor of the Lemon Haze is complimented by fresh lemonade and brought to another world by incorporating lavender into the simple syrup. With its layered floral aroma and slight lavender color, this cocktail is just as delicious as it is good looking."