How to Make Cannabutter With Trimmings | Discover How to Make Cannabutter - Cannabis Training University
Wednesday, Dec 21, 2016

Cannabutter or cannabis butter is the staple of a wide range of edibles made using the marijuana plant. For endeavors and enthusiasts of marijuana, this is truly a delight. There are so many products that you can make using weed. Many of them have gotten quite popular. If you enrolled at the Cannabis Training University, you will learn all the steps of making cannabutter or marijuana butter.

There are different ways of how to make cannabutter and there are different ingredients that you can use. Here, we will discuss how to make cannabutter using wax or trim. Cooking with marijuana is simpler when you make cannabutter. Butterfat oils are excellent solvents for CBD, THC and other medical marijuana compounds. Olive oil, butter, coconut oil, and clarified butter is known as ghee are all amazing solvents. One of the good things about these solvents is that they are quite healthy and they all actually taste good as well.

There are several benefits to using cannabutter. One benefit is that it allows you to efficiently use marijuana leaves, kief and trim. It is also easier to measure the doses, beginning with identical batches. When you infuse butter with marijuana, you get cannabutter, which has been a recipe that many enthusiasts have enjoyed. After you make cannabutter, you can use it in various recipes such as making pot brownies, cookies, and pasta sauce. You can also eat cannabutter by itself, which allows you to easily consume medical marijuana without having to smoke it.