How To Pass A Drug Test For Cannabis
Friday, Oct 13, 2017

If you’re facing a drug test for cannabis and you’re worrying about whether you will pass, read this before you do anything else!

Drug testing for cannabis may be justifiable in some unusual circumstances. But it is routinely misused by law enforcement to make decisions that unreasonably affect peoples’ lives. There are countless cases of loss of employment, loss of benefits, arrests, imprisonment, and even of authorities removing children from their families – for no other reason than a positive test for cannabis use.

In some areas, any presence of THC or metabolites whatsoever is enough to lead to such consequences. Of course, tiny traces of THC or metabolites do not necessarily imply intoxication.

Even in areas that specify “acceptable” levels of THC or metabolites, the bar is often far too low. Due to this, insignificant quantities may be seen as intoxication, even if the individual simply enjoyed a joint with friends several days ago! Of course, a similar level of alcohol consumption would almost never result in serious consequences.