How To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test [VERIFIED]
Wednesday, Mar 6, 2019

There is only one reason for an oral drug test, and that is to test for the recent use of THC. I’m sure many of us have been there before; we want to enjoy our weed, but we have a fear of undergoing a marijuana screening and are therefore left to wondering how to flush your system for a drug test – and how to do it fast.

Just because weed is now legal under state law in many states throughout America, it by no means brings about the sudden elimination of drug tests, as many employees are still regularly subjected to drug tests of various kinds.

Essentially, consuming weed on the job is the same thing as drinking on the job — in short, it’s not allowed, even if you live in a “cannabis friendly” state like Colorado or California.

Another problem that has occurred since the legalization of weed is an increased number of drivers who are driving under the influence of cannabis. This has lead authorities to crack down and implement roadside drug testing. In other words, the legalization of weed has lead to an increased number of people who are smoking cannabis, which means that more authorities are now interested in testing for the use of cannabis, and are often times employing roadside oral mouth swabs for THC that can result in a DUI if failed.

Table of content Non-inclusive (fewer issues with privacy) Easy to administer randomly on-site Convenient (no nurses or technicians needed) Results can be determined instantly (and are cheaper than the more common urine test) Harder to tamper with Pre-employment– As part of their corporate policy, some employers may screen potential employees or even applicants before they employ them. This is a time when people are at their most vulnerable because they are not employed by the company and have fewer employment rights, aren’t covered by grievance or appeals processes, and don’t have the support of a union. This means that it is the perfect opportunity to make them undergo a drug test. Background test– They may conduct an oral drug test as part of a larger employment screening process, along with several other background tests. They might also conduct these tests before an employee is offered a promotion. Random test– This process involves selecting several employees at random and at regular intervals to test them for the use of drugs. There usually won’t be much prior notice of a random drug test, and employees will only find out at the last minute that they will be undergoing a test. But, generally, the employer does have to notify the employees that random drug tests are possible. In some states, there are laws in place as to how long in advance employees should be notified about a drug test. Post-incident– This is when a drug test is administered after an incident that causes injury, damages, or a near-miss has occurred. It may be done automatically after an incident has taken place but in some cases, it’s only done if a supervisor suspects that drugs may have played a part in the incident. This will help the employer to determine who is liable for the incident.