How To Relieve Stress: Five Daily Habits | Tasty Hemp Oil
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019

There are plenty of tips on how to relieve stress once you’re amidst it. But what if we were able to stop stress before it happened? To a certain extent, we can.

Keep in mind that stress is impossible to completely get rid of. However, being proactive about stress gives us room to handle those events in a healthier manner. The key is not to overwhelm ourselves with stress, rather create a space where stress can be managed efficiently.

Here are five daily habits to help you relieve the stress in your life.

Even if you aren’t the kind of person to make lists, laying out everything that is expected out of you will prepare you for what is still to come. Whether it be a daily, weekly, or even monthly list, knowing what the future holds is important. If you hate the idea of making s list, perhaps utilizing your favorite calendar app can be a good substitute. Depending, you can even make multiple lists regarding different processes or responsibilities that you are familiar with.

Put some thought into your list’s order