How to Safely Use Marijuana As Part of Your Fitness Routine - HEALTH | MERRY JANE

Cannabis is quickly becoming a popular supplement for athletes, and it can help you, too.

Move over, supplement industry! More and more people are starting to utilize cannabis as part of their workout plan, and it’s no secret why. The herb is a natural anti-inflammatory and tends to help the consumer feel comfortable and pain-free.

Like-minded athletes are quickly finding each other through cannabis events and online forums. There’s even a California company that plans to open a chain of cannabis-friendly fitness centers in the next year. Already, they’re setting a great example and bringing newbies into the fold of this popular movement.

Getting fit is not fast or easy. It’s a lifelong process that begins when you set foot in the gym for the first time. Cannabis can be a great help to people hitting the gym for the first time, as well as for those returning to a fit lifestyle after injury, illness, or childbirth. These tips will help you become a self-assured athlete in no time!

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