How to Supplement A Marijuana Garden With Molasses
Monday, Jan 5, 2015

Question: I’m curious about how to supplement a marijuana garden with molasses. Should I wait until flowering to add molasses to my watering schedule? Also, when should I stop giving my plants the additive?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: You can use molasses throughout the whole plant life-cycle, but you’ve got to use it sparingly, you know what I’m saying. In veg you can use it as an ultimate Cal Mag supplement if you don’t want to use let’s say CaliMagic, or the Cal Mag from General Organics. Molasses is a perfect supplement for that, but you would want to use like a dime to a nickel-shot per gallon. Make sure your molasses is unsulfured too.

The best molasses I can recommend, and it’s in our book The Kitchen, is the Whole Foods Brand. The next best is the glass bottle shit—the old school joint. I forgot the name of it but it comes in glass—not the gramma shit. The gramma she’s like third best. Dr. Bronners has one too, but the best you can get is from Whole Foods—spin the bottle back around and you’ll see what we’re talking about.