How To Trim Cannabis Flowers Like A Pro
Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017

To trim cannabis leaves properly, it requires skill and patience. Professional trimmers spend hours getting their flowers to look just right. Here’s how Cannabis Cup winners and pot production pros manicure their marijuana.

Manicuring your cannabis flowers not only makes them look better, but it also makes them taste less harsh when it comes time to smoke or vape them.

Leaves contain chlorophyll, and the more leaves left on your buds, the more they’ll taste like grass or hay instead of showcasing the true flavors they contain.

You can use the sugar leaves that you trim from your plants to make concentrates or edibles.

Always hand trim your flowers instead of using a trimming machine. Machines are only for those who have way too much weight to trim cannabis by hand.

A clean table and comfortable seating with some nice music playing.

Trimming wet means taking off all the fan leaves and sugar leaves before drying, and trimming dry means hanging your plants up with the leaves intact and then removing them after the branches have dried out. Basically, it comes down to personal preference of how you wish to accomplish this, but both methods have their advantages and drawbacks.