How To Use Activated Charcoal Pills For Passing A Urine Drug Test
Monday, Aug 20, 2018

Activated charcoal (a.k.a Activated carbon) is currently in the limelight as a possible remedy for detoxification.

But as it’s always the case, this method has been received with a lot of opposition mainly because of how it is said to work.

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Going through several cannabis forums, one common claim that the opposition put forward is that THC metabolites aren’t in the intestinal tract. As such, ingesting activated charcoal won’t have any effect in the THC in your system besides making your poop black.

I’m not judging them, but such a misunderstanding would only come from parties that don’t understand the Enterohepatic Recirculation of THC and its properties.

So, let’s get to the basics of how this method works and the scientific justification for it.


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Activated charcoal is simply charcoal that has been activated either physically or chemically to increase its surface area and enhance is absorption properties.

Thanks to its high degree of microporosity, a single gram of activated charcoal has been found to have a surface area of upwards of 3,000 m2.

Some of the THC-COO-gluc is transported to the kidneys for excretion as urine Some of the THC-COOH is removed through feces in the intestines before reabsorption into the blood system 24 hours after ingesting THC-COOH, the concentration of the metabolites in the serum was 45% lower when the subjects ingested a dose of activated charcoal The THC-COO- glucuronide concentration in urine dropped by up to 21% when the subjects were treated with activated charcoal THC-COO-glucuronide was completely undetectable just 1 day after consuming 30g of activated charcoal Activated Charcoal Pills- You could get a 100-capsule bottle on Amazon (here) for less than 10 bucks Water Time (at least 1 week)- the more time you have, the higher the chances of getting rid of more metabolites Urine test strips Abstain from the drugs (at least for now). You are trying to force out the metabolites present in your system. So, adding more counteracts your efforts Ingest 10g of activated charcoal 1-2 hours before each meal of the day with a lot of water. By the end of each day, you should have consumed 30 g of activated charcoal Follow this regimen for 2 consecutive days of the week. For the rest 5 days, consume foods rich in fiber Remember to keep testing the concentration of drug metabolites in the urine to track your progress On the day of the test, continue with the activated charcoal does to trap more metabolites circulating between the liver and the intestines Keep in mind that activated charcoal may cause or worsen constipation. Therefore, remember to take it with plenty of water Activated charcoal may also absorb other medications and interfere with their performance and availability in the urine sample. Therefore, enquire from your doctor on the way forward How To Use Activated Charcoal Pills for Passing a Urine Drug Test 5 (100%) 1 vote Permanent Detox Time to work: 7 Days For those who have enough time, and want to detox from marijuana and other toxins, this kit will cleanse you in 7 days. Best solution Time to work: 90 minutes For those who need to pass a urine drug test on short notice. It works in just 90 minutes and is effective up to 5 hours, giving you enough time to pass your test Time to work: 25 Days For those, who want to get clean and have more than 1 week.