How To Use Azo Cranberry To Pass a Drug Test
Sunday, Jun 3, 2018

If you are looking for a way to pass an upcoming marijuana drug test, the chances are that you have come across numerous remedies that promise 100% detox.  Depending on your urgency, you might even have used some and are probably wondering if they work. Azo cranberry pills are one of such product.

Before we understand if Azo can clean your system, we will briefly explain the metabolism and elimination of marijuana by your body and let you know exactly what a marijuana urine test looks for. We will then go ahead and give you all the information that will help you to decide whether Azo is worth your effort.

Marijuana has several chemical components that work together to produce its effect on the body.  Some are inactive, active while others are psychoactive. The major psychoactive compound is simply known as THC. Once in your system, THC is metabolized by the liver and broken into several acidic metabolites.

The body then starts the excretion processes. More than 65% of marijuana is excreted in feces in the form of metabolites while approximately 20% is excreted in urine. 80-90% is excreted within five days. Quite some acidic metabolites are found and can be identified as urine.

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