How to Use Sonne's 7 To Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana
Wednesday, Mar 7, 2018

Sonne’s 7 is a really unique detoxifier. It’s actually all natural and produced from volcanic clay called bentonite. And when used right it’s supposed to scrub any traces of drugs, especially marijuana, from your body and allegedly help you pass a drug test.

PRO TIP: We have heard about killer drug test results from They make these detox pills that deliver a permanent cleanse—eliminating THC from multiple angles.

Sure marijuana is legal in many places for medical and recreational use. However you can still lose your job if you get caught with it or with it in your system. Many employers say they’ll fire you over this because of insurance reasons, but many just look down on pot-smokers and use drug testing as a way to screen out anybody they find less than desirable. That’s why drug testing products are so popular nowadays and why we’re always writing about them. We’ve got lots of friends and followers asking us how to pass a drug test. So we’re always looking for products like Sonne 7 that can help people land or keep their job.