Hump Day High: Sushi + Doobie = The Perfect Date Night
Friday, Sep 22, 2017

Let me tell you about the almost-perfect date night I had last weekend. Beginning to end, the experience was flawless. The only thing missing? My date.

I’d been anticipating attending MJU High Dining’s “Sushi + Doobie Rolling Workshop” on Saturday, September 9th, for almost two months. MJU High Dining is a division of Mary Jane University, and I’d been hearing such wonderful things about the Moonlit Moveable Feast in Joshua Tree (the next one is coming up on 11/4, mark your calendars!) and awesome events like Sushi + Doobie, so I was committed to making it to one of them! My lover, B, mentioned that he was interested in attending. I was stoked—a date night with B combining cannabis, excellent food and rolling techniques that rely heavily on manual dexterity. What more could I want? When I pitched bringing him along to Chief Experience Creator Barbie Sommars (a.k.a. Faerie Jane), she exclaimed, “Sushi is sensual as it is. Add cannabis to the experience and it makes for a wet, shiny, slippery, delicious date night!” I agreed wholeheartedly.

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