Incense vs Scented Candles: Hiding That Dank Stank
Thursday, Feb 1, 2018

Every weed smoker has their preferred method of hiding that dank stank. Sometimes, that method for getting rid of that unmistakeable weed smell needs to work fast.

The bowl’s lit, stinking up the space with the scent-sational aroma of that Mary Jane. And uh oh, the landlord just called asking to show the apartment. No matter how amazing pot smells, it’s not always an odor one wants lingering around. Sure, there’s always the classic method of exhaling through a toilet paper tube stuffed with dryer sheets or using a specialized filtration tool. Better yet, candles and incense can freshen the air. But which burnable solution masks that dank stank best?

As a light source and on birthday cakes, candles meet a bunch of needs. But one trip to an aromatherapy store shows their real value: scent. Candle scents range from floral and musky to delicious and inviting.

The magic of the experience relies on simple science. After lighting a candle’s wick, the flame melts the candle and draws up liquid wax. Then the heat vaporizes the fluid wax into a hot gas we perceive as scent. That air, made up of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, competes with the molecules from burning bud.