Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis + Two Fresh Budtender Reviews

BK OG | Indica Flower

This monster of an OG tested in at 33% THC. This flower has an earthy pine nose and its flowers are coated so densely in trichomes that the lab results could be mistaken for those of low grade hash. It has small, super dense nugs that stick together like nothing you have ever seen! This flower is going to fly off the shelves so grab some while you can! 

Whoopi and Maya | Cannabis Bath Soak

Whoopi and Maya medical cannabis products promote deep relaxation and help relieve muscle aches and menstrual symptoms. Each container of soak has 25mg of sungrown cannabis oil, pharmacological grade Epsom salt and loads of naturally soothing ingredients such as avocado and jojoba oils. The complex layering of therapeutic grade essential oils encourage mood upliftment, circulation, relaxation, and pain relief. Whoopi and Maya’s Cannabis Soak is Available in 3 fragrances: Lavender, Amber Moon, & Fragrance free. Ask your budtender for more details!