Infused Vermouth Hits Craft Cocktail Culture

Though I hadn’t thought about it before, the concept of cannabis-infused vermouth made perfect sense. Vermouth is a fortified and aromatized white wine, which means that after fermentation, another alcohol—usually brandy—is added, and the resulting elixir is infused with various aromatic herbs, spices, barks, roots, seeds and flowers. Knowing that roster, it’s easy to see how cannabis fits in as a possible aromatizing option when making vermouth.

My search for more information led me to Mike Roth, one of the owners and winemakers for Lo-Fi Wines, a brand that produces lower alcohol wines from vineyards in Santa Barbara County with native yeasts, little sulfur and no pH adjustments.

“So, I like cocktails and amaro and such, and I also like edibles and cannabis. I thought it would be good to combine the two so I could consume both in moderation,” Roth tells me, beginning to detail how he makes and infuses the vermouth not in his winemaking facility, but at home.

Roth explains that he had already been making vermouth with a friend. Another friend of his had been growing some high CBD hybrids he created himself, so Roth decarboxylated the bud and made an alcohol infusion using a recipe from an old book he found about desserts and fortified wine.