Intro to Edibles

Cannabis edibles are a delicious and wonderful way to reap both medicinal and recreational effects in the body. Creating edibles at home should be done with reverence as there is both an art and science to the creation of these tasty morsels. When made correctly, edibles can become a huge part of your daily diet which can be enjoyed through both savory and sweet foods. This LEARN video can gently guide you onto the path of cannabis edible making and teach you the basics of this art. With this knowledge you will be able to start your journey through the world of edibles with confidence and ease.

Edible High Versus Inhalation High

The high produced by edibles is much more powerful than the high produced by inhalation. When edibles are consumed, THC transforms to the metabolite 11-hydroxy-THC in the liver after it has passed through the stomach. This produces a more powerful and longer high in the body when compared to inhalation as 11-hydroxy-THC is more effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier. But because the edibles have to be processed first by the stomach and then by the liver before it hits the bloodstream, it creates a longer time frame before the effects are felt within the body. Whereas when cannabis is inhaled either through smoking, vaporization or dabbing, the effects of THC are felt immediately as it travels instantly through the bloodstream from the lungs and then to the brain. Though the high from inhalation comes on the fastest, it also has the shortest duration in the body.

Wait at least two hours before consuming another dose if you feel the first is not working Sublingual edibles hit the bloodstream faster than food so make sure to accommodate your schedule to the faster effects Do not consume edibles and then drive or operate heavy machinery Keep your edibles out of the reach of both children and pets Have a friend or lover stay with you in the event you consume too much and follow the aforementioned advice Do not make edibles at home with flower that contains mold or has not been flushed properly It is not recommended to mix edibles with alcohol—being crossfaded might exacerbate a mental or physical condition—and the same applies when mixing cannabis with other drugs Do not eat edibles from people you do not know very well; always make sure it is from a trusted source instead Properly store your edibles and follow all general food safety guidelines TAGGED