Is Cannabis Kosher?
Sunday, May 15, 2016


And it might surprise you.

Mostly because of who it came from. The Times of Israel reports the governing decision came from, “Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, widely considered the leading living ultra-Orthodox halachic authority.” If you ask me, that certainly sounds like the guy would be fairly conservative and perhaps unreceptive to the cannabis plant.

But there is a twist.

This ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi said “Cannabis is cool.”

Okay, so maybe not quite like that.

The Times of Israel details Kanievsky’s response,

“[Kanievsky] ruled that marijuana is kosher for Passover and can be either eaten or smoked over the eight-day Jewish festival…he said, if used for medical purposes, cannabis is permitted for Jews from all backgrounds…After smelling the leaves of a cannabis plant, Rabbi Kanievky and Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, another leading Orthodox authority, decided that the plant had a “healing smell” and made the blessing for fragrant leaves.”