Is Medical Marijuana Beneficial To People With Autism?
Thursday, Feb 8, 2018

Cannabis has a growing list of medical applications and promising new research. Many families are asking: Can medical marijuana benefit people with autism? To date, marijuana is a proven treatment for epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, PMS and stops the spread of cancer cells. Though these conditions are diverse, marijuana treats many of their like symptoms, including anxiety and pain. Researchers in Israel are hoping medical marijuana will benefit people with autism as well.

Prescription medication for the management of autism is largely ineffective. Though conditions vary, autism results in difficulty with social interaction, repetition, and distinctive strengths and weaknesses. These symptoms range from mild to severe. However, they always have an impact on the lives of those living with autism as well as their families.

In many cases, prescription medication causes harmful side effects. Orange County resident and mother, Mieko Hester-Perez tried over 13 ineffective traditional treatments for her ten-year-old son, Joey, who is affected by autism. With one daily medical marijuana brownie, Joey almost instantly regained his appetite and became less anxious.