Is Morocco The Latest Hot Pot Travel Spot?
Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017

If you were to visit the Moroccan city of Chefchaouen, you might be surprised to see such a remote mountain city abuzz with tourists. And if you have come to Morocco in search of a certain buzz of your own, strolling past Mohamed Aabbout’s cafe would be a stroke of good luck. Because given half a chance, Aabbout would show you a large hash pellet and invite you on a “field visit” to nearby cannabis farms. And if you were to take Aabbout up on his offer, you might soon find yourself asking: Is Morocco the latest hot pot travel spot?

On a typical day in Chefchaouen, a laid-back mountain city about 70 miles southeast of Tangier, Mohamed Aabbout waits for tourists to stroll past his well-located cafe.

Many of the tourists have come to see the city’s famed blue houses nested in a maze of tight, winding alleyways.

But many of them have come in search not of the city’s blues, but its green.

For them, Aabbout will flourish a large ball of superbly pressed hash. The perfect lure for enticing visitors to book a spot on a tour of the nearby cannabis fields.