Is the Weed Industry for Me? • High Times
Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016

David Bernstein of suggests asking yourself the following questions before deciding to take the plunge—and making sure you have the answers, especially before you go for a job interview.

What’s your interest level?

Are you passionate about cannabis and know everything there is to know about the industry and the plant? Or are you just starting out and willing to learn? Whatever your interest level, employers will be impressed if you’ve done your homework. It also helps if you don’t care about the stigma that still surrounds cannabis in many places. Being a cannabis user isn’t necessarily required for getting a job in the industry; in fact, depending on the position’s responsibilities, a non-user might even have an advantage in getting hired. Either way, employers will be more likely to hire you if you show you understand that they’re trying to grow and run a business just like any other employer in any other industry. Remember, your number-one job is to be a valued, responsible and reliable member of this person’s staff.

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